Walker Glide Skis For 1 1/8" Gray

Item #: 40027GR

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Walker With Skies
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Walker Glide Skis - Features and How To Assemble



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NOVA Walkers Skis are a must for any folding walker. They attach easily on the rear legs to allow the walker to smoothly glide over surfaces, door jams and other terrains. The durable plastic skis last much longer than tennis balls and other glide options. Unlike tennis balls, they also do not track or collect dirt and germs from the ground. The attached rubber tip simply attaches to the tube of the walker leg - no tools required. Fits 1 1/8 inch diameter walker leg


  • NO MORE TENNIS BALLS! Get Walker Skis! The ideal folding walker glide option for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Safe for wood floors and easy to clean.
  • ADDS STYLE, SAFETY & MOBILITY to your folding walker and easily glides over door jams and small barriers.
  • EASILY ATTACHES WITH NO TOOLS REQUIRED over metal tube of folding walker. Installs in just minutes.
  • UNIVERSAL FIT for all folding walker makes and models with 1 1/8” tube shaft diameter.
  • DURABLE & LONG-LASTING Walker Glide Skis are made of a special engineered Thermoplastic Polyoxymethylene (POM) - designed for strength, durability and maximum stability.


  • Each Height (inches): 2
  • Each Width (inches): 4
  • Overall Height (inches): 2.00
  • Overall Depth (inches): 3.25
  • Retail Packaged: Yes
  • Tip Size (inches): 1 1/8"

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